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"What does it mean to have powers? To be able to look like someone I’m not? What if I don’t fit into my old life anymore. Like it’s a pair of pants I’ve just overgrown? Would I still be Kamala?”

Ms. Marvel #3 by G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona




(W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Victor Ibanez

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Storm Solo Book!


I am glad my, and many countless others’, wish to see a Storm solo book is coming true. It does seem to come at a good time even though I wonder what led to this book’s creation. I really hope that Marvel is committed to supporting this book, at it has been doing with other female-led solos and produces a great solo series, Storm and X-men fans have been waiting for forever.

Since it is going to be released in July, there better be a good build up to it in the other X-books, or spin-off from whatever event Marvel has coming up, or at least have her solo story affect the other books. Because a stand-alone book for Storm needs to have a reason for it, other than being a token gesture or another marketing ploy, as the Black Panther marriage was before. And maybe removing her from one or two other books might help her from being over saturated as well as diluted.

As for what I would love to see happen in this book, it seems to have a competent writer who appreciates  Storm and will hopefully have talented artists that will do her justice. But as for the stories that will keep this book ongoing they have to bring Storm out from the small pond she has been in for years and into a bigger ocean of potential.

I want to see this book explore her mental and emotional state after going through so many changes as of late and no writer is really delving into that. I want to see her connect with the people she holds dear in her life and what they mean to he; like Wolverine, Psylocke and Kymera. I want to see her be challenged by new threats unique to her, and gain a new nemesis or two. I want to see stories not just about the schism or the school or the same old things that have seen already been done to her like her punk makeover or relationship drama. I want to see her explore the Marvel world and deal with social, political, and environmental issues. I want to see Storm finally reclaim her magical heritage and find her faith again in The Bright Lady. I want Storm to be a world-class superheroine, as she was always meant to be and live up to her promise as Marvel’s premier superheroine. Just as DC has Wonder Woman,

There are so many directions this new solo can go in, and I can’t wait to see what happens. But I am going to be counting the days and spreading the good news until that book is finally in my hands. So let’s hope Marvel delivers.


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