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Let’s go to the movies!


Movies set in the future: Everybody is white.
Movies set in the past: Everybody is white.
Movies set on other planets: Everybody is white.
Movies set in virtual worlds: Everybody is white.
Movies set in mythical worlds: Everybody is white
Movies full of mythical creatures: Everybody is white

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"When I first got this role I just cried like a baby because I was like, “Wow, next Halloween, I’m gonna open the door and there’s gonna be a little kid dressed as the Falcon.” That’s the thing that always gets me. I feel like everybody deserves that. I feel like there should be a Latino superhero. Scarlett does great representation for all the other girls, but there should be a Wonder Woman movie. I don’t care if they make 20 bucks, if there’s a movie you’re gonna lose money on, make it Wonder Woman. You know what I mean, ’cause little girls deserve that."

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PopArt - Lupita Nyong’o by JoeyHazelLM


REPRESENT!: Celebrating Diversity in the Media
Everyone loves spending time celebrating their fandom favorites. Celebrating across fandoms is on the of the best ways of doing this, so let’s try this for a change: a month dedicated to celebrating diversity in the media we all know and love! There are a lot of fandoms in which characters of color don’t get nearly as much love as we’d love for them to get.
We’d like to take this opportunity to change that, at least for a month. In the tradition of things like big bangs and femslash feb, why don’t we all spend a month focusing on our favorite characters of color in fandom?
Whether they are characters with less screen time or whether you’re stanning for a main character, spend May celebrating characters of color!
How to join in:
Make sure everybody knows about the RepFest! Reblog this post, share it with friends, encourage your friends and followers to participate. The more of us create and promote, the more there will be for all of us to enjoy!
What qualifies (types of work):
If it’s a fanwork that you can share with us, it counts! Fanfic, playlists, reclists, graphics, meta, videos- it’s all good! 
What qualifies (characters): 
 The point of this is to shed spotlight on existing canon characters- for this reason, we ask that you choose characters that are canonically characters of color. Characters in which there is a debate/the majority of the fandom considers them white characters can become murky, and can also dominate a fest like this.
A note about shipping:
There is no problem with writing a ship about a relationship in which there are white partners. However, because the point is to focus on the characters of color, we’re saying that if the character of color isn’t the focus of the story, it doesn’t qualify. For example, a Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson fic could qualify, but if the story is actually about Steve while Sam is the love interest, that’s not what this fest is about.
In the end, though, it’s all about us having fun and celebrating characters of color for a little while. We obviously can’t police the tags, nor do we want to (in the end, that would just draw focus away from the characters we’re here to appreciate). Just make sure to tag your stuff REPFEST or REPRESENT FEST, promote, and keep looking for more info as we get closer to May!
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you can now follow repfest for any upcoming information about what’s what!


and say what you want ‘cause this one ain’t gonna change (x)

women of color in the marvel universe


Picture Imperfect
Something for Teaching Tolerance magazine to accompany a story about how most children’s books and libraries lack a diverse perspective. AD Valerie Downes.


                                      The X-men

X-men #13 - Brian Wood, Clay Mann


By: mizuki1991


The Little Mermaid: Dream of Eternity, day and night versions by Pierre Droal

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