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paintings by Li Lian Kolster

1. Medicina

2. Motherhood

3. Medicine Birds

4. Joyeux anniversaire

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Here it is! I’m not 100% sure if I like how it came out… it almost seems a bit too cutesy for the subject. Maybe I just like drawing cute clothes and bright colours too much! 
This is for a contest with the Canadian Human Rights Agencies for their conference in May. All the Advanced Illustration students and Design students had to enter as part of their final. Kinda pissed that they required us to print it off at 24 x 36…. which I think is way too big and expensive ($50!!) for most students and their budget. We don’t even get to keep the posters. And the top prize is only $200. I feel kinda ripped off. :/
EDIT: A couple of people have sent me notes saying that “Transgendered” is incorrect terminology. I apologize, I kind of added the text last minute, and should have known better. I’ve uploaded a fixed version. :)

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ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.



Part: 1/2

Yoo Jae-myung, animation director of The Legend of Korra, discusses Nickelodeons initial hesitancy to accept Mike and Bryans proposal of the show… and Korra.

“The sequel focuses on the incarnation of the new Avatar, Korra, as she tries to save a city called the Republic City.”

“So, Korra is a young girl , not a boy. Heroes and protagonists are usually men.”

“That actually became a problem.

Nickelodeon was reluctant to produce this animated series at first because the protagonist was a girl.

I guess you could say that Americans are more conservative than Koreans.

The production was suspended just because the protagonist was a girl.

To compare this situation to a movie production, it’s as if the lead actor has already been cast, but the production agency decides to stop the filming because they don’t approve of the actor.”

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You know what?

Flip it.

I’m blaming this. This is why we can’t have nice things. This is why we don’t get the episodes. This is why we don’t get commercials or proper advertising or merchandise. This is still prevalent, they’re still bitter about this, and their utter incompetence and ineptitude when it comes to marketing and promotion could not have POSSIBLY been the genuine reasons for this show’s troubles in the ratings, so it must have been because she’s a girl, so you see “we were right”. That’s all.

This viewpoint will continue until I have a better explanation from the studios. I don’t care if the episodes are on their website when I post this message and jump over to the site, my stance will remain the same. I want an explanation. If you’re not going to give me the product I want to invest in, I want an explanation as to why I can’t have it.

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STORM #4GREG PAK (W) • VICTOR IBANEZ (A)Cover by STEPHANIE HANSDEATH OF WOLVERINE Aftermath!• Wolverine has been many things to Storm over the years: teammate, friend, confidant, mentor and—most recently—lover.• But upon his death, Storm finds her world thrown into chaos.• Will finishing a piece of his unfinished business alongside their mutual ally Yukio help her find her way once more?32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99